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Notice: swd will be closed from sept 29-Oct 3. We will return all calls and emails on oct 4. thank you for understanding. 

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We Love Happy Dogs!

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Our Most Popular Services

Consultations and Dog Training Assessments

Building you a plan that works

In-Home Private Dog Training

Setting you up for success.

Fearful and Reactive Dog Training

Increasing confidence while reducing reactivity.

What method of training do we do here at StayWildDog?

It is never too late to teach an old dog (and its owner) new behaviors!
We believe in working with you just as much as with your canine companion, ensuring long-lasting results and a happier dog/person bond.

StayWildDog Training, LLC will always aim to help every pet and pet parent build confidence in their skills as a trainer, as well as the confidence to handle any situation that may arise with your pup.

Through a bond, trust, and understanding; confidence can grow, and we aim to offer our dogs the opportunity and ability to learn to make the right choices.

More right choices mean more freedom. And more freedom, means our dogs get to stay WILD.

StayWildDog Training, LLC is Fear-Free and Reward-Based.

That means we never add anything in training that the dog may find aversive. To learn more about our training methods and why we stand out from the rest, click below!

What does training look like with StayWildDog?

We start off with a
Functional Assessment

Functional assessments are about breaking down the reason behind the behavior. All behavior has a function, and this step-by-step process helps us break down what is going on in your pup's mind. 

First, let's discuss what the ABCs of training are.

A: The Antecedent (When/Where)

B: The Behavior (What)

C: The Consequence (Why)

This means when addressing the behavior we look at the environment as the starting point. Most problem behaviors happen in the home, which is where the majority of our training begins.  Once we understand the environment, the behavior breakdown happens.


What exactly is Fido doing? 

Is he jumping a lot?

Is the jumping only happening in certain rooms?

Certain Situations?

Does your dog tend to jump more with

excitement when people come home?


Perhaps, your dog is actually overstimulated and using it for height-seeking and comfort behaviors after a trigger happens.


These assessments let us determine the function, or the WHY of the behavior in order to build you a better plan. 

These assessments are started in the Consultation phase and are required for any dogs over 4 months.

What comes after a
Functional Assessment?

This is where the training gets very interesting! 

Once we understand the background of the behavior, we can create a custom plan for you and your pup. 

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Management is the prevention of the practiced problem behavior. This means if you have a dog who is constantly barking at the window, you may need to keep the windows closed temporarily, or utilize window cling film to allow light in but blur a dog's visuals.  If we allow them to practice the problem behavior during training, it will slow down the learning drastically. And remember, practice makes perfect. That includes practicing problem behaviors to perfection.


Get ahead of the problem by setting the dog up for success



We want to keep it as simple as possible. Since we set up the environment to reduce the practice of the problem behavior, we can now set up practice sessions exposing your dog to the stimuli in order to learn what to do INSTEAD of the problem behavior.

We do this exposure in small increments that do not elicit a response from the dog.

If you are constantly hitting that line where the dog has a poor response, and then working on the comedown after that, your dog may actually be building cortisol and poor associations with the activity.

This means you are training a behavior that comes after the problem has already been practiced

We want to work on creating a better mental state for the dog to reduce the chances of these responses in the future.



Through repetition, both you and your dog will build muscle memory and response. That does not mean that once your dog has nailed a technique that you stop practicing.

Just like taking classes in school, if you don't use the skills, you lose the skills. 

How many still remember their high school math coursework, or are still fluent in a foreign language?

Through continued practice we bulletproof the skills. Meaning that you will be able to ask for the behavior in a multitude of situations and environments. When working with us, you will develop the skills, knowledge, and how-to to understand your dog, and even better, create a lasting bond of communication and trust.

A Holistic Approach

Along with the functional assessment and addressing any hidden stressors and reinforcers in the home, we want to address training as a whole in order to make sure you and your dog find the most results from working with us. 

We try to use GREAT Treats

We try our best to stick to natural ingredients when we utilize treats, and are always mindful of any allergens.

We build daily enrichment in.

We will help build you a routine that meets all of your dogs needs while we work on your wants.

We understand your dogs senses

Dogs are sensory creatures which means we need to take this into consideration when building you a training plan.

We believe in confident training.

Through do-no-harm methods, we teach your dogs the meaning of making right choices.

We want a clean bill of health

All pups should have had a vet visit within the past 6 months prior to check in so no hidden illnesses impact your training.

We help build bonds that last.

We fully believe that a confident dog is a free dog, and the basis begins through bond building and trust.

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Dog Walk

Dog Training near you!
Based in Walla Walla, WA

We are a mobile in-home training service which means we bring the you!


Those outside of Walla Walla are subject to a travel fee of trainers time and the 2023 IRS Mileage rate of 65.5 cents per mile and travel time. 

If you would not like to utilize in-person training, we encourage you to use our ZOOMie Dog Training!

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Meet Your Trainer

My name is Leum Unutoa, VSA-CDT

I am a professional, certified canine trainer. The reason I built StayWildDog Training was because I believed in helping dogs live a truly confident life free from fear, anxiety and stress. 

Confident dogs are able to make better choices and earn freedoms they wouldn't have otherwise, so we train stay wild!

Learn more about me and our demo dogs!

A picture of a trainer with his thubs up next to his business vehicle

What does it mean to be certified?

Certified Professional Dog Trainers will have gone through a knowledge assessed process, lead by the top trainers and behaviorist in our industry. We are tested in a broad range of knowledge and skills in ethology, learning theory, dog training technique, and instruction. 

It takes tremendous skill, multiple technique adjustments, countless hours, dedication, testing and learning in order to be certified as a professional trainer.


Unfortunately, the dog training industry is an unregulated field, and anyone can call themselves a trainer. We are advocating to have all behavioral professionals to be certified before working with clients of severe behavioral complications.  

Below you an learn more about the current certifications that StayWildDog carries. 

the logo of victorial stilwell dog training academy

Victoria Stilwell Academy

Canine Training and Ethology

Pet professional guild logo

Pet Professional Guild Member

Professionals "Informed by Science, Guided by Empathy, Governed by Ethics"  

fear free certified professional logo

Fear-Free Pet Professional

Reducing fear, anxiety and stress in animals to live a confident life.

american red cross pet certified first aid cpr logo

American Red Cross 

Pet CPR/First Aid

Because making sure you and your pet are safe is a

#1 priority.

american kennel club logo

American Kennel Club


Canine Good Citizen/Urban AKC/Puppy S.T.A.R Program Instructor and Testing

international association of animal behavior consults iaabc logo

Working Towards:

Certified Canine Behavioral Consultant

Leum is currently studying and preparing to become a CDBC under the IAABC standards. He looks forward to testing for this in Mid 2024.

What else can we do?

We are happy to offer a multitude of training services, with more special events coming up!

”Leum is a fantastic trainer. He’s really helped us with our crazy lab puppy. The solutions Leum gave us were perfect and our pup really enjoyed training.”

Jess P.


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