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Consultations and dog training plans

Consultations are where we assess the entire needs of your dog, and which skills can be used in place of undesirable behaviors.


We will interview you on the training history, the methods you have tried already, what your dog already knows, and what your ultimate goals are. I will run your dog through a few tests to assess their learning skills and see where they need to grow.

After this, I will build you a behavior training plan to move forward and recommend further training from there.

You will get a full type-up of this consultation, with notes, struggles, goals, and a game plan along with our Client Packet to get you started on the positive training journey.

That means you will also get a custom quote for a future training package according to your individual needs.

This is best for owners and dogs who are experiencing problematic behavior like excessive vocalization, chewing, crate training, counter surfing, and minor reactivity.

Phone Consultations at $25.00 for 30 minutes

These do not include a training plan but you can use this time to address 1-3 of your concerns and we can give you a minor management adjustment and 1-3 skills to work on for your problem. 

In-Home and ZOOMie Consultations at base fee are $74.99 for

60 minutes.

There are add-ons available depending on your needs, check them out below!


What happens after a consult?

Once you have had your consultation, it can take us 3-5 business days to make you a custom plan for your needs. Once we know what would benefit you the most, we will message you with your consult notes, and our recommendation on training, how long, price point, and so on.

You will also receive a client packet full of training information on what we do, and how we practice training the positively way.

What comes with our Services?

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One on One Time with a Certified Trainer

That's right, with years of experience under their belt, they will spend that hard earned time with you and your pup!


Custom Behavioral and Training Plans

Your trainer will build you a plan from start to finish according to your needs, and will be available to access once you begin training with us.


Unique and Custom Homework

While many of the core skills are simple, we show you how to utilize these skills in every day scenarios and in place of problematic behaviors.

What do we have to offer?

What about the cost?

Yes, training can be a costly process, and we know it can be a struggle to get the help you need. 

We offer some of the best rates in the Walla Walla Valley considering the amount of education and training your trainer has been through in order to be the best....for you!

We are happy to offer the programs below.

Aversive Trade In

Have you ever used choke collars, prong collars, shocks, and such in your training before? Surrender them to us for the sake of positive training and take 10% off training or 3 months. 

Adoption Program

If you recently adopted from a local shelter in the past 3 months, you can take 10% off training bundles for 3 months!

Angel Fund

A donation program for those  who wish to purchase lessons and donate them to those in need. Goes to low income housing who is at risk of losing their beloved pet due to behavioral complications. 

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