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We have all be there. Hunting on Youtube, Tiktok or Google for the best training methods and strategies for our pooches.

Here, we focus on reward-based practices that have accelerated growth in learning and retention!

While old-school methods of shock, prong and choke collars used to be the norm, they usually only provide a temporary relief of the problem behavior.

To get long term behavioral change, choose kindness!

Long-Term Behavioral Change with Positive Training


Long-Term Behavioral Change with Punitive Training


Leum is an amazing trainer.

We had Leum come and help out with some aggression issues with one of the 5 dogs that we couldn’t pinpoint the trigger. He was able to see things we didn’t and never would have recognized. With his guidance, we are three and a half weeks aggression-free and moving into more training! We cannot wait to continue to work with him and start earning some certifications, and with the newest pup getting her started on obedience. Thank you Leum for being our person, and the one willing to work with our breed without turning up your nose as other trainers did. My pups all love you so very much and our family is so grateful to have you in our lives. I highly recommend Leum to help with any of your doggo needs. I swear he is the best and has the most magical connection with canines. Please do something awesome for your pup and become part of the StayWild family!

-Lesley W.


My dogs and I love working with StayWildDog!

Excellent training, I really appreciate knowing I can trust that when I go out of town my dogs will not only be taken good care of, but also not learn bad habits while I'm gone. In fact, it gets even better because they're learning great things instead! We have gone through training courses as well as boarded with Staywilddog. My dog LOVES these people and that is telling. Thank you for all you've done for us!

-Amber L.


Our Trainer is so patient!

Leum is amazing. He is patient with our pup and most importantly us!!! He has taught us so much about how to interact, work with, and read our pup. Our pup has anxiety and is doing so much better. Our pup can’t get enough of Leum. Can’t wait for more classes!

-Elissa D.

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