Set aside a time to chat with your trainer on the phone.

This 15 minute free service can give you an idea of how to move from where you are, to where you want to be!

Once a time is set, your trainer Leum will call you from


Keep an eye out for our call, and get to a quiet place so we can discuss your training needs!

Consultations & Dog Training PLans

Consultations are where we assess the entire needs of your dog, and which skills can be used in place of undesirable behaviors.

We will interview you on the training history, the methods you have tried already, what your dog already knows, and what your ultimate goals are. This is also where we discuss current tools, communication, how we handle problems when they arise, and conduct a full review on your dog's confidence, anxiety, stress, and over-reactive responses.

This consultation also includes a learning assessment for your dog.

We test to see which skills are practiced as well as which have full understanding.

We test capturing, luring and shaping training techniques to see which method works best for your individual dog.

We time the latency in which your dog begins to offer a response to determine their skill level, and should there be time we test for additional criteria such as duration, distance and distraction for your cue response.

After this, StayWildDog will gather all of the information from the consult and a custom dog training plan will be built for you.

This includes:

A Welcome Packet

A Training Packet

A copy of your trainers Consultation Notes

An Enrichment Guide

An Enrichment Calendar

Dog Training Roadmaps

A Breakdown of What Needs To Happen

Links to Tools

StayWildDog Guides

And Suggested Training Moving Forward.

These sessions are conducted in-home and last for 90 minutes.

Please allow your trainer 3-5 days to finalize your consultation notes from your service date.


Single Services


coaching sessions

Conducted in-home or at location, we can use this time to address 1-3 problem behaviors that you are the most concerned about.

Working from home allows us to practice in a minimally distracting environment which helps set you, and your pup up to be successful by making it as easy as possible in the early stages.

This option is available for those who know exactly what they want help with, and is not geared towards those who have over-reactive or aggressive dogs.

If you feel like you have more than 3 concerns please schedule a consultation and training plan.



Behavioral modification

Conducted in-home or at location, we can use this time counter condition and desensitize your dog to the things that cause poor responses.

Over-reactive dogs can show fear, or excitement towards their triggers.

We recommend setting up a consultation and training plan before we can suggest behavioral modification to be a part of your plan.

It is not so much about teaching your dog new skills, it is more about changing emotional responses.

Which is why this type of training tends to take a bit longer than core skill training you would see in group classes.

We offer this at a discounted rate for bundles, and subscription options.



How To Function In Our World

While we focus on mostly in-home training sessions, we offer the ability to conduct training sessions all over over the place!

This service is typically only 30 minutes long, and can be conducted at local parks, bars and special events to help prep your dog for an active life.

We have found this to be wildly successful for our clients as it keeps your dog in a learning zone, and under threshold which means a reduction in problematic behaviors.

We guide you and your dog during the training session on body language, alternate behavior responses, and how to decompress on the fly.


Adventure Classes: Join the Waitlist!

Introducing our Adventure Series. The origination of StayWildDog Training stemmed from a need for adventure. To be wild and free with our dogs and live a life we all deserve.

Spending time in the deep, cool forest of the Blue Mountain Range, or soaking up the sun boating and boarding up the Snake River doesn't have to be JUST for us humans.

Join the waitlist for our upcoming classes this August, and don't forget to STAY WILD!

Paddleboard Puppers

Join us in a group Paddleboard Puppers class.

Recommended if you want to go on adventures with your pooch.

Learn how to get your dog on the board, stationary cues, stabilization and safety for bringing your dog on board!

Bring your own paddle boards, or use our body boards for training!

Canoeing Canines

Going fishing with your dog shouldn't be a struggle.

Teach them to load up, stay in place, how to get comfy for extended trips, all without rocking the boat!

Learn skills to help you and your pup load up, stationary cues, stabilization, safety, and how to have fun!

If you have an inflatable boat, feel free to bring it!

Hiking Hounds

One of the most popular classes we offer, being able to go OFF LEASH with your best friend really does spell ADVENTURE.

This class focuses on off-leash skills such as recall, leave it, drop it, rattlesnake avoidance and emergency recalls.

Keep your dog safe while you live a truly adventurous life.


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