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Doggy Minding:
Dog Training that happens when you want to enjoy your life. 

This is the service you need if you are expecting a large gathering and your dog likes to chill underfoot.

Treated like a combo of private sessions and Delta Dog, we will come to your home during your special event and take care of your pooch.

Public and family events are wonderful training opportunities for your dogs, but it is often hard to get time to focus on required skills while you are also trying to have a blast with everyone else. 

So leave the training up to us!

Cute Happy Dog

Some of the most important skills your pup can learn when it comes to guest coming over include:

How to greet guest with out jumping!

How to move away from high values, such as running kids, or food dropped on the ground.

How to not bark every 2 minutes as guest arrive!

How to be redirected to a new activity when they are overwhelmed!

How to relax amid the chaos!

And many more! 

When we meet up we will discuss the training needs you have, and then jump right into it!

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