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Meet Your Trainer

My name is Leum Unutoa, VSA-CDT

I am a behavior enthusiast. My whole life has been geared towards understanding animals and speaking a common language. Dog training became a deep love of mine at a young age and decided this was the world I was meant to be in.  While I have many years prior of experience, I have been professionally training for 8 years. 

I have attended prestigious academies to continue in my canine education in order to best be able to convey those skills to you, and have been certified as a fear-free professional trainer. I specialize in reducing fear, anxiety and stress- especially from reactive dogs. 

I continue my education in order to stay current on the most recent shifts in the animal world and to stay a top trainer in my field.


 I do not believe in being stagnant in our knowledge. 

We have access to so much information in our world, and frankly, I love it when clients ask me something that doesn't come as easily in my mind. It gives me an opportunity to learn more and branch out my own horizon. 

If I were to promise you anything..

I promise that I will never stop seeking answers to your behavioral concerns, and I will do my best to get you through them.

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Meet our pups who are responsible for the majority of your StayWildDog Training content!


Demo Lead

Jasper Jae

Jasper Jae is a beautiful australian shepherd who came to us over Covid-19. He turned into one of the most amazing companions and is the face of StayWildDog Training.

He works with tricks, complex behaviors and confidence building activities.


Demo Trainee

Kodiak Klondike

Our youngest demo dog is Kodiak, a wooly siberian husky. He reminds us to never take life too seriously and he is specializing in social interactions, public access and therapy protocols.


Demo Reserved

Inari Dari

Inari is a 7 year old red collie cross that came to us from the local humane society. She was struck by a vehicle prior to our adoption which fused one arm shorter than the other. She is technically handicapped but it does not slow her down. 

Inari specializes in speed work (ironically enough), core skills and licks!


What does it mean to be certified?

Certified Professional Dog Trainers will have gone through a knowledge assessed process, lead by the top trainers and behaviorist in our industry. We are tested in a broad range of knowledge and skills in ethology, learning theory, dog training technique, and instruction. 

It takes tremendous skill, multiple technique adjustments, countless hours, dedication, testing and learning in order to be certified as a professional trainer.


Unfortunately, the dog training industry is an unregulated field, and anyone can call themselves a trainer. We are advocating to have all behavioral professionals to be certified before working with clients of severe behavioral complications.  

Below you an learn more about the current certifications that StayWildDog carries. 

the logo of victorial stilwell dog training academy

Victoria Stilwell Academy

Canine Training and Ethology

Pet professional guild logo

Pet Professional Guild Member

Professionals "Informed by Science, Guided by Empathy, Governed by Ethics"  

fear free certified professional logo

Fear-Free Pet Professional

Reducing fear, anxiety and stress in animals to live a confident life.

american red cross pet certified first aid cpr logo

American Red Cross 

Pet CPR/First Aid

Because making sure you and your pet are safe is a

#1 priority.

american kennel club logo

American Kennel Club


Canine Good Citizen/Urban AKC/Puppy S.T.A.R Program Instructor and Testing

international association of animal behavior consults iaabc logo

Working Towards:

Certified Dog Behavioral Consultant

Leum is currently studying and preparing to become a CDBC under the IAABC standards. He looks forward to testing for this in Mid 2024.

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