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Image by James Barker

Ready for the ZOOMies?

Our online virtual dog training program has been a huge hit! Helping people across the country access the skills and help they need to address their behavioral concerns!

What's it like to train online?

You can train from the comfort of your own home, and in your pj's even!

Get the same practices you would with an in-person session, only now, we will be coaching you through Zoom or Google Meet on how to practice the skills. 

Image by Kristina Petrick

What do you need for ZOOMie training?

Image by Jamie Street

How do we build you a plan?
We recommend a consultation!

Virtual consultations are conducted the same way our in-person sessions are. 

We set up a time, and you will receive a link to your ZOOMie session, and once we spend our time information gathering, a plan will be in place to get you where you need to be!

ZOOMie Services

If you feel ready to jump in, let's get ZOOMin!

Image by Alvan Nee

ZOOMie Consultation

Break down a full history of your pup, what has and has not worked with your trainer for them to build you a plan that works.

Image by Peri Stojnic

Single Session: 60-Minutes

Once your plan as been built we can address 2-4 issues during a 60 minute period. 

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Single Session: 30-Minutes

If you need shorter sessions and have less concerns, we can work on 1-3 issues here!

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